Boudoir is a celebration of

female beauty...


deserve it!

A woman should be two things:

classy and fabulous.

The photographer has the same mission as the poet: eternalize the moment. I loved my experience with Paulo. He is a funny and respectful guy 😁. I want to repeat it 😎😁.

Inês Poeta

I first met Paulo at a photography workshop. I loved the session we’ve made after that. I like the vision he has about photography, the effort he puts on each pre-session, his professionalism and how comfortable he makes us during the session. I always share with him some random photoshoot ideas I use to have because he is someone I trust and want to work many times with.

Selma Rosas

I met Paulo when he hired my makeup services for a boudoir session. I had already been thinking make a session but always missed confident and courage to do it. It was the client from that day who cheered me up saying I could trust Paulo. In the beginning of the session, I was very nervous but he relaxed me by being such a professional, making me somehow chilled out and enjoying the moment. I do recommend a boudoir session to all women in the way it makes us feel beautiful and empowered. 😁

Flor Gonçalves


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