Hi, I’m Paulo

A Photographer in Oporto and Braga

Thanks you for taking the time to look at my page.

My name is Paulo Carvalho. I’m 43 years old, married and the father of two beautiful children.

My life as an artist began during Secondary School when I completed some Aptitude Tests and was advised to follow into Visual Arts. I think somewhere along the way, I got a little bit lost when I found myself taking a Degree in Management… LOL. Not happy with that, I later got an MBA [Master’s Degree in Business Administration]. Photography came into my life in 2008. I have dedicated myself, body and soul, and I haven’t stopped since!

People often ask me “WHY BOUDOIR?” The answer is: MY WIFE.

Alongside the other 99% of women around the World, my wife also believes that she is not beautiful. I wanted to show her, through photography, that SHE IS! Nevertheless, I don’t just have an artistic flair, Boudoir also empowers me. It gives the opportunity to go beyond words. I am given the privilege to work behind the lens and capture the most beautiful and powerful images that bring a sparkle to every woman’s eyes. I belong to the category of people who SHOW women, not TELL them – How Very Beautiful They Are!

Can there be anything better than this?


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